Founded on the principles of hard Work, Quality, and Honesty.

What We Do
Our Three Areas of Service

Optimal Recovery, LLC is a highly respected disaster recovery, environmental, and arboricultural company specializing in nationwide and local emergency clean-up projects. We are experts in tree work, debris removal, including waterway debris removal, land clearing, habitat restoration, and environmental remediation services. 

Disaster Recovery

 We have the resources and capabilities to provide quick and effective response to natural disasters nationwide.


We are committed to providing clients with satisfactory work on any large scale tree projects. From tree pruning/thinning and removal as well as anything that falls in between.


We have the experience that allows us to perform multiple environmental projects including waterway debris removal, land clearing, restoration, and much more.  

Our Experience

Optimal Recovery has worked on over 150 separate contracts extending from large scale disaster clean-up projects to local municipal projects.